When you hire an employee in a traditional relationship, you are committed to more than the base amount salary the employee receives. You must pay employee taxes, overheads for space and equipment as well as supplies, benefits and pay for time not worked – such as during vacations, holidays and sick time, and even breaks and lunches. If you experience high turnover in the position, you will also realise considerable cost in recruiting, hiring, training, record maintenance and even severance pay.

Your employee costs would break down something like this:

Employee costs Part-time (20 hr/wk)
Base salary (approximately €18.50/hour) € 18,800
Benefits (15% of salary) € 2,820
Payment for time not worked (13%) € 2,444
Payroll taxes (12%) € 2,256
Administrative costs (7%) € 1,316
Equipment/Equipment Maintenance/Supplies € 3,900
Rent of space for in-house employee € 2,500
Annual Total: € 34,036

However, if you hire a Bookkeeping Service at €40/hour, for an average of 3 hours a week, you avoid the expenses involved with having an employee. You don’t have any training or payroll concerns and you do not lose any time for holiday or sick leave.

Costs for a Beancounter breaks down something like this: bookkeeper costs Total fee
3 hrs/wk @ €40 hourly € 6,240
Benefits € 0
Payment for time not worked € 0
Payroll taxes € 0
Administrative costs € 0
Equipment/Equipment Maintenance/Supplies € 0
Rental of space for in-house work € 0
Annual Total € 6,240

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